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~The Sun*Kissed Home TRIBE Offline Affiliate Program~

The Sun*Kissed Home TRIBE Offline Affiliate Program is created to allow individuals who love our Home Decor products an opportunity to earn a commission through their promotional efforts in expanding the brand and products of Sun*Kissed Designs.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our program before you proceed to apply.

~The Basics: General Information and Guidelines~

~Our TRIBE offline affiliate program is designed for you to generate income from your sales of the Home Decor products of The Sun*Kissed Home, the home decor division of The Sun*Kissed Designs. You receive a commission of 20% on the sales of our Home Decor Sourcebook purchases completed by customers whom you have submitted an order through you.

~One can become a member of our TRIBE offline affiliate program by approval of an application submitted below.

~Approval of our program is based on the passion you have for our brand!! (hint: If you want to be apart of our TRIBE, you are approved!)

~Our TRIBE offline affiliate program works as follows: An Affiliate is given a digital copy of our Home Decor Sourcebook to share with your family/friends and network, offline. This allows them to exclusively generate commissions for you as they shop our Sourcebook and you email and/or mail us their chosen order. As a TRIBE offline Affiliate member of our program, you will submit an order form from a customer either via email to us (emailed orders are for credit card purchases, check purchases and money order purchases) or through the mail (if your customer chooses to pay by check or money order made out to Sun*Kissed Designs)you receive a 20% commission on all completed sales that you submit to us. Your 20% commission payment will be paid electronically or via check within 15-30 days of receipt of the order and payment. This is usually sent to you sooner.) The digital and print sourcebooks are for you to share in order to receive purchase submissions. TRIBE offline affiliate program members will not at anytime have an inventory or stock of the products in our sourcebook, nor are they responsible for the delivery of the order to the customer!

~TRIBE offline affiliate members do not collect money from their customers except in the instance of a check or money order purchase which is to be made out to Sun*Kissed Designs and mailed in with the physical order form. They simply take the submit a digital or physical order form and the customer is invoiced by Sun*Kissed Designs.

~TRIBE offline affiliate members are not authorized nor allowed to attend tradeshows, craftshows, outdoor events, farmer's markets or any other sales event with the sourcebooks or our merchandise as this conflicts with scheduled Company events that Sun*Kissed Designs will or may be in attendance of.

~TRIBE offline affiliates are not authorized nor allowed to open a retail establishment in physical brick and mortar or digital form in order to generate sales in any way. This also includes, pop-up shops, tables for merchandise sales, flea markets, fashion trucks, etc. If there is an event that a TRIBE affiliate member would love to host, they can submit a request for approval.

~TRIBE affiliate members are not authorized nor allowed to sell any of our products online via marketplaces, websites, auctions, flash sales, deal websites, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay nor any other online store listed or non-listed nor through social media as a sale or listing.

~The TRIBE offline affiliate program is not a direct sales entity and there are no down-line incentives or structures, nor is the program a multi-level marketing entity.

~Commission Payments are issued every 15- 30 days via Paypal or mailed check. Although our general

return policy allows for purchased product returns 14 business days after purchase, the products in our Handbag Sourcebooks are non-refundable to ensure that TRIBE affiliates do not lose their commissions. Any product that arrives defective, can be exchanged.

~To receive commissions via Paypal, you will need to create a Paypal account. Please provide the email associated

with your Paypal account upon approval of your application. There are no fees for you to receive payments via Paypal. If you prefer not to use Paypal, we can send your commissions by check via mail. Simply provide a mailing address where your commission check can be sent.

~Your earning potential is entirely up to you! 20% is a pretty a big deal! And yes, there are bonuses, extras and private offers for both you and your friends and family! We launch new products all the time, and conduct private sales and giveaways to share with your family and friends, so Stay Tuned!

Upon approval, your welcome package will include, TRIBE offline affiliate membership number, access to the digital sourcebook, digital order forms. Future communications will include style directives and inspiration, sales tips, marketing directives, prepaid envelopes for check and money order purchases! Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your welcome package. Requests for a physical sourcebook  will require an additional 2 weeks for your print Sourcebook. 

~International membership is encouraged! 

~Sun*Kissed Designs reserves the right to deny TRIBE affiliate membership presence or

 revoke previously accepted TRIBE affiliate accounts on the grounds that said members

 publicly display anything offensive, hateful, illegal or pornographic or links to any media of said type

or who treat customers poorly or break the guidelines regarding in-person and online selling mentioned above.

~Your commission is generated through completed sales and not orders placed. Your purchaser has to pay for the order in its entirety for you to receive your commission. Disputed charges by a customer will result in a forfeited sales commission.

~TRIBE affiliate members are encouraged to shop with us and will receive a 20% discount on all items for personal use. (Personal purchases do not receive a commission of any kind and can not be resold for or with a commission.)Additionally, we only charge $5 for shipping!

~Promotions, new products and new promo photos will be available to you via email for you to market

 with. You will be given more information about new promo sales and events as well as anything that

 would allow you to earn your normal and/or an additional commission!

~TRIBE Affiliates are encouraged to promote Sun*Kissed Designs with current and presented hashtags on

 on their websites and via social media channels and can state that they are an official member of our TRIBE. Spam and fake/altered links or links through our hashtags, company name, brand or web address are prohibited.

~TRIBE All affiliate campaigns for your Sourcebook (ie. Instagram Blogger Loop etc) must be

 be approved in writing prior to execution.

~TRIBE Affiliates are not eligible for commissions or discounts through other TRIBE affiliates. Affiliates are eligible to

 receive a discount on purchases through a separate promo code! (You are not eligible to be paid for

 purchasing products through another TRIBE affiliate, but you can get in touch with us before

 making a purchase to receive a 20% discount on your own order with us.)

Additionally, an TRIBE Affiliate 20% discount and Sun*Kissed Life™ Loyalty Code can not be applied to the same sale.

~Sun*Kissed Designs reserves the distribution of gratis and cost-free products for company planned 

giveaways and company planned charity donations only. Product Gratis outside of those measures may be provided 

for product launches as we see fit. TRIBE Affiliates are eligible to receive a sizable discount on products that they love

and want to share with their family and friends! Additionally, giveaways and surprises are apart of the program!

~Feel free to get in touch with us at, with any questions,

 inquiries, and requests for product images or details. Images on our website and social media

 platforms are protected under copyrights, so to use them on your blog, website or social media account, please link

 back and give all photo credits to images used to Sun*Kissed Designs.

~We reserve the right to execute any additions, subtractions or alterations to The Sun*Kissed Designs

 TRIBE Affiliate Program at any time. Upon execution, all TRIBE affiliate members will be notified of implemented

 changes. All TRIBE affiliate commissions and generated discounts are paid in US Dollars.

~At this time, discount websites, coupon websites and deal type websites are not eligible for approval.

~Please Submit Your Application Below!~