THE SUN*KISSED HOME The Home Division of The Sun*Kissed Designs

Sun*Kissed Designs is the parent company to The Sun*Kissed Designs and The Sun*Kissed Home. We are a design and lifestyle brand offering women's wear, accessories for both men and women, home decor and architectural design concepts. Our mission and focus is simple. We create pieces to help people discover and express their unique style! We are inspired by the desert, the coast and nature, Energized by bringing innovative design concepts to life, And humbled by the opportunity to serve clients around the world. Since 2011, Sun*Kissed Designs has serviced a diverse stream of clientele with creativity and luxurious style. Through Sun*Kissed Designs and The Sun*Kissed Home, we encourage women and men to "Live The Sun*Kissed Life" by expressing themselves through our clothing and decorating their homes with our products that represent amazing cultures and natural inspiration! We aim to encourage entrepreneurship and those on the road to optimum health and wellness! Sexy. Global. Chic. is our moniker and we share that with designs that are amazing, fun and of quality craftsmanship! And we have so much more in store!